• Terry Richardson "Mom & Dad" at Half Gallery

    Tonight marks the opening reception of Terry Richardson's "Mom & Dad" exhibition at Half Gallery. As the title suggests, the exhibition centers on photographs of Richardson's mother and father. In the artist's words, "My parents split up when I was four. It feels good for me to have them back together again, even if it's in a gallery and only for a little while." The floor of Half Gallery is strewn with photographs of the artist from childhood, while the walls feature a video piece and images of Richardson's parents. "Mom & Dad" will be up until December 4th. Don't miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse into the private life of one of today's most celebrated photographers!

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  • Artist Talk: Andrew Kuo

    When I first saw Andrew Kuo's work, I instantly took a liking to his personal yet universal story-telling. Andrew is known for documenting personal life, emotional experiences and the minutiae of everyday life, translating them into colorful "infographics" that incorporate both image and text. His work brings together his experience as a painter, graphic designer, and art history student, referencing postmodern artists such as Josef Albers and Frank Stella. With titles such as "Some Things I am Scared of in November 2007"; "A Late Hangover On February 17, 2009"; "Being Accused of Being an Asshole (Via Instant Messenger) on June 21, 2009" his work reads like a comprehensive diary that is funny, witty, and insightful. I had a chance to talk to the New York-based designer and artist at his gallery, Taxter and Spengemann.

    Your charts are like a diary - very personal and honest, and very relatable. When did you start making them?
    Hm - at this point I've been making them for maybe 6 years? Or 7? I could find out but it might be depressing to know.

    What about the chart format appeals to you?
    It's a way for me to talk about more than one thing at once, literally plotting one idea against the other within the same eyeshot. I wear glasses so I am inclined to be X-, Y- and Z-axis-obsessed. And also, this may sound really weird, but I think about the idea of paint a lot and these charts let me talk about that.

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  • Marilyn Minter at Salon 94

    Often called the queen of glitz and glam, Marilyn Minter returns to Salon 94 with a show two years in the making. The exhibition features five works - from painting to video - that showcases Minter's signature glamour and vitality. The central work is a 10-foot tall painting entitled Mercury, which portrays a baby happily splashing oozing silver paint; this is echoed in Minter's video, Play Pen, in which children gleefully smear and splatter shimmering silver liquid. Minter also presents photorealist paintings of heels splashing in metallic pools of paint.

    The show is open until December 4th - check it out while you can!

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  • The Brant Foundation Art Study Center: David Altmejd Opening

    RxArt spent the weekend in Greenwich, CT for the opening of David Altmajd's exhibition of sculptures at the Brant Foundation.

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  • SNAPS: Ben Blatt

    Who: Ben Blatt
    What: Signing copies of Between the Lines Vol. III
    When: Thursday at the Pop-Up Shop Kick-Off Party!
    Where: Half Gallery

  • Marc Swanson Studio Visit

    Diane recently had the opportunity to visit Marc Swanson's studio and have a sneak-peak into his forthcoming works. Swanson is no stranger to RxArt, having contributed a drawing to our Between the Lines Vol. II coloring book.

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  • Pop-Up Shop!

    Last night we celebrated the kick off for our Pop-Up Shop! The walls of Half Gallery have been hung with original works by James Franco, Terence Koh, Will Cotton, Matthew Brannon and many more. Guests gathered to drink champagne and scoop up RxArt coloring books and puzzles at discount prices. The event marks our very first Pop-Up shop and it is off to a roaring start.

    If you missed the opening, don't despair. The Pop-Up will be open all weekend with RxArt coloring books, puzzles, and t-shirts for sale at 50% off. Artworks are also for sale, so don't miss the opportunity to get a Will Cotton candy cane drawing or James Franco Polaroids to hang in your own apartment.

    We're open Friday and Saturday from 10-6 and Sunday from 12-6. Stop by to see the art and indulge your children (or inner child) with puzzles and Between the Lines coloring books featuring art by major contemporary artists!

  • Our Latest Addition to RxArt

    As the most recent addition to the RxArt team, I'd like use my inaugural blog post as an introduction. My name is Sarah Zabrodski, and I am a Canadian transplanted from the frozen prairies of Alberta to New York City. I crossed the border just over two years ago to attend the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU for my M.A. in Art History. 

    Having recently graduated, I am now working on various writing projects including the launch of my own blog. It functions as a journal of my art encounters across America, starting with my summer road trip through the South West from Spiral Jetty to Marfa, Texas. Navigating the New York art world has been a whirlwind, and I've been like the proverbial sponge soaking up new experiences at organizations as diverse as MoMA and ARTnews Magazine. 

    I first learned of RxArt when I stumbled upon a brief write up about the latest "Between the Lines" coloring book in an issue of New York Magazine. My secret love for coloring and not-so-secret love for contemporary art inspired me to check out the RxArt website and learn more about this organization that so deftly combined these two passions. I am now thrilled to be part of a team that is bringing art to unconventional spaces while brightening the patient experience, and I am looking forward to helping out RxArt in every capacity! 

  • Keith Haring at Pace Prints

    Keith Haring, often called “the Michelangelo of the New York City subway,”  was formative in changing the face of New York City by legitimizing graffiti as an art form.

    Pace Print's exhibition of Haring's prints and small-scale multiples focuses on prints created between 1983 and 1990 and feature his iconic graphic figures - dogs, dancers, and figures - in motion. The production of prints was an essential part of Haring’s work; as Pace Prints states, “He believed in the inherent democracy of creating limited editions that could extend the reach of his imagery in an attainable and affordable manner.”

    "My contribution to the world is my ability to draw," Haring famously said. "Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic." 

    The exhibition includes a pop-up shop; items were created in collaboration with fashion designers Nicholas Kirkwood and Patricia Field. Keith Haring is open until December 3rd - see it while you still can!

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  • RxArt Is Now Seeking Winter/Spring Interns!


    RxArt is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to changing the visual landscape of American hospitals through the installation of original contemporary fine art in patient, examination and waiting rooms. We are seeking an individual who is able to commit to a consistent intern schedule of 3 days per week, 10am - 6pm, for at least a 3 month period during the busy winter/spring season, with occasional weekend and evening hours to assist with our annual fundraiser and increase our presence at art fairs and related events. The internship will begin early January.

    An internship at RxArt offers a wide range of hands-on experience in nonprofit management to those interested in pursuing careers in the fields of visual art, nonprofit administration, healthcare administration, media and public relations, development and/or graphic design. Aside from the usual administrative tasks such as database management, website maintenance, in-house design of printed materials, fundraising and market research, this internship offers opportunities to contribute creatively on a daily basis. We are a small organization, so you can have a significant role and real impact. We have a small, high-energy office and we all enjoy our work. We are located in a light-filled storefront on the Lower East Side.

    Candidate requirements:

    - Excellent communication, organizational, writing and interpersonal skills
    - Proficient computer skills (Mac OS, MS Word, Excel, Adobe Creative Suite programs) and knowledge of social media platforms
    - Ability to commit to a consistent schedule devoting 2 or 3 days per week for at least a 3 month period
    - A strong interest in contemporary art

    We require a cover letter, resume, and an interview with the candidate. This is an unpaid internship. All internships qualify for school credit. Please send all materials to jobs@rxart.net.


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