• Artist Talk: Ben Blatt

    The first time I saw Ben Blatt's lush watercolor paintings of life within overgrown terrariums, I was struck by his exquisite detail and unique visual vocabulary. Inspired by Indian miniatures, botanical cross sections, and man-made recreations of nature, Blatt creates fantastic worlds reminiscent of lost paradises. I had the great pleasure of asking Ben a few questions about his work and inspirations.

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  • Artist Talk: Andrew Kuo

    When I first saw Andrew Kuo's work, I instantly took a liking to his personal yet universal story-telling. Andrew is known for documenting personal life, emotional experiences and the minutiae of everyday life, translating them into colorful "infographics" that incorporate both image and text. His work brings together his experience as a painter, graphic designer, and art history student, referencing postmodern artists such as Josef Albers and Frank Stella. With titles such as "Some Things I am Scared of in November 2007"; "A Late Hangover On February 17, 2009"; "Being Accused of Being an Asshole (Via Instant Messenger) on June 21, 2009" his work reads like a comprehensive diary that is funny, witty, and insightful. I had a chance to talk to the New York-based designer and artist at his gallery, Taxter and Spengemann.

    Your charts are like a diary - very personal and honest, and very relatable. When did you start making them?
    Hm - at this point I've been making them for maybe 6 years? Or 7? I could find out but it might be depressing to know.

    What about the chart format appeals to you?
    It's a way for me to talk about more than one thing at once, literally plotting one idea against the other within the same eyeshot. I wear glasses so I am inclined to be X-, Y- and Z-axis-obsessed. And also, this may sound really weird, but I think about the idea of paint a lot and these charts let me talk about that.

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