• Plink

    Music has Shazam. Typefaces have WhatTheFont. Visual art has Plink (and now so does Google). After the search engine giant purchased the handy art-finding app for an undisclosed amount today, we bought the 99 cent version for ourselves!

    That said, our enthusiastic recommendation doubles as a warning for lack of productivity—we can’t stop playing!

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  • Hong Chun Zhang

    Hair. (Almost everyone) has it. However, Hong Chun Zhang’s stunning drawings makes us take a closer look at these luscious locks.

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  • German duo Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger

    RxArt just discovered this older gem that German duo Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger installed at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan back in 2004. However, their website is chock filled with newer projects that will keep your brain juices flowing for hours.

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  • Studio Franchise/ Estudio Franquicia


    Ryan McGinness, the RxArt artist behind our hugely successful NYU Child Study Center project, has set up shop at La Casa Encendida in Madrid for a project entitled Studio Franchise/ Estudio Franquicia. Guillotine, a French art and street culture site, recently interviewed him about his latest show as well as his entire body of work.

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  • Myoung Ho Lee’s Tree #14

    RxArt is pleased to announce our most recent acquisition—Myoung Ho Lee’s Tree #14—to be placed in a patient room at Rockefeller University Hospital. Thanks to the generosity of the Eliza Moore Fund and Yossi Milo Gallery, we were able to purchase this spectacular print that we’ve had our eyes on for months. Needless to say, the hospital staff is beyond excited and we think the patients are going to be just as thrilled!image

    via yossi milo

  • The Broadcast Presents: A Concert for RxArt

    Last night’s concert for RxArt was a huge success to say the least! The Bitter End was teeming with fans, the high energy was contagious, and we were floored by the outpouring of buzz and support for the musicians and RxArt. A massive thanks to Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast for your endless amounts of creativity and incredible generosity.

    Q: What does 10 bucks get you in New York City?

    A: A venti Starbucks caramel macchiato… OR a ticket to an unforgettable evening of funk, soul and rock with five bands, raffle drawings and a donation to RxArt!

    Tonight at 8pm at The Bitter End > The Broadcast Presents: A Concert for RxArt

    Click here for more details- hope to see you there!

  • Weekend Full of Art and Sunshine

    The RxArt staff is gearing up for a weekend full of art and sunshine. Here are some recommended exhibits, events and eerie films to add to your agenda.

    AIPAD - Photography Gallery Exhibition

    Ryan McGinley show at Team Gallery

    P.P.O.W. Gallery Group Show

    Joan Jonas Drawing/Video/Performance Show at Location 1

    The Prowler film, 35mm Restored

    photo via Julie Blackmon

  • Our street never looked so beautiful!

  • Mondrian Cake

    The Rooftop Coffee Bar at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art features a selection of aesthetically pleasing treats modeled after renowned works from art world greats like Jeff Koons, Richard Serra and Piet Mondrian (above). Neo-Plasticism never looked so delicious!

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  • I Think I Can, I Think I Can

    Anthony Sperduti and Andy Spade of Partners and Spade are undoubtedly one of the most creative duos to grace the cobblestones of Great Jones Street, and their conceptual books of curated iPhone photo collections are just one example of their many brilliantly original endeavors that make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    Their latest release, I Think I Can, I Think I Can, is a mishmash of green sprouts that have managed to beat the odds and grow in the cracks of cement and asphalt—call it a story of hope. RxArt keeps a copy in the office at all times, and thinks it’s the perfect spirit-lifting addition to any bookshelf.

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