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    We are pleased to announce the launch of Between the Lines: A Coloring Book of Drawings by Contemporary Artists, Volume 5. Produced in partnership with Coach, this volume includes 52 artists, and features a cover (and stickers) by John Baldessari. 

    John Baldessari

    The new coloring book was also featured in Wallpaper magazine this week. While the majority of RxArt coloring books are gifted to pediatric patients in hospitals nationwide, you can purchase your very own here (these coloring books make great gifts during the upcoming holidays!) and all proceeds from coloring book sales go toward our hospital projects.

    Phyllida Barlow

    M. DionM. Dion

    Andisheh Avini

  • New Exhibition at RxArt Front Space

    RxArt is pleased to present a new exhibition in its front space located at 208 Forsyth St. 

    Left to right:

    Lawrence Weiner
    Catch as Catch Can, 2009        
    ink on paper                            
    10 x 15 inches                         
    12 ¾ x 18 ½ inches frame        

    Jason Middlebrook   
    Traveling Seeds   
    Untitled, 2009
    screen printing on digital print 
    edition 3/10
    40 x 22 inches frame

    Left to right:

    Marc Swanson                              
    Ghosts #2, 2009                          
    ink on paper                                
    10 x 15 inches                             
    13 ½ x 19 inches frame

    Jonas Wood    
    Clipping, 2013
    silkscreen print
    edition 28/50
    30 x 40 inches

    Left to right:

    Fred Tomaselli                           
    Color Etching, 2012                    
    16 x 16 inches                            
    edition 80/100                          
    Haim Steinbach
    Untitled (female mannequin right hands), 1991     
    ash-veneered wood shelf and objects
    17 x 13 x 6 inches
    edition of 40

    To inquire about these works or availability, please contact 212-260-8797 or info@rxart.net

  • Welcome to RxArt

    As an aspiring physician, I am excited to join the RxArt team as an intern this year to learn more about integrating visual art into the hospital environment. While shadowing at the Smilow Cancer Center in New Haven, I began to realize how important both medicine and physical space are to the healing process. After graduating from Yale University with a BA in History of Science, Medicine and Public Health this past May, I decided to take some time before medical school to learn more about this important aspect of patient care. While at RxArt, I hope to use my background to provide a new perspective on the intersection of the arts and science in efforts to make tangible differences in hospitals across the United States. Additionally, I look forward to learning more about the contemporary art scene while living in New York City.

  • Welcome to RxArt

    It has been an enlightening journey from earning my BA at NYU to arriving at RxArt, and I am thrilled to have become a part of the team as an intern. Contributing to the work here is both rewarding and illuminating, and I'm happy to know my abilities are being applied to such a wonderful organization. I am excited to learn about what it takes to sustain a nonprofit arts organization while being able to employ my love for art and helping people. I'm so grateful for this opportunity.

  • Welcome to RxArt

    Having recently graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Art History, I am excited to be interning at RxArt this spring.  This organization provides a unique perspective into the world of nonprofits and the contemporary art scene here in New York City, and I am eager to use my own skills in this setting while continuing to learn and grow. Originally from Upstate New York, I have always loved art, both studying it and for my own personal enjoyment, and I firmly believe that art has the power to heal and improve our lives.  RxArt makes this idea a reality, and I look forward to contributing to the work that RxArt does.

  • Welcome, Eileen

    I am elated to join the RxArt team as the Operations Manager at this exciting time. It is wonderful and rewarding to be able to combine my passion for contemporary art and work for the greater good. With family members and friends in the healthcare field, I have always believed in the positive impact of the arts, especially in hospital facilities. Prior to RxArt, I worked as the archivist at Sperone Westwater and the research assistant in the Department of Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago for several years.

  • Welcome to Rx Art

    My name is Rachel Joelson, I am currently a student at the Sotheby’s Institute and the newest member of the Rx Art team.  Recently moving from Los Angeles to New York, I have fallen in love with the city and the pulsing nature of the art world here.  After studying Art History at Loyola Marymount University I helped start LAB ART in Los Angeles and shortly moved on to art consulting. It is such an exciting time to be apart of the Rx Art team as I have always wanted to combine my love for art with a greater purpose like helping those in hospitals. I hope to gain more knowledge of the art world from a different perspective and help people along the way.


  • Paul Insect "2033"

    If you are in New York City this holiday season make sure to see Paul Insect's "2033" exhibition, up at Allouche Gallery located in Soho until January 11th.Meteor Nights, 2014 
     Paul Insect
     Meteor Nights, 2014

    This exhibition features a series of works on canvas and paper, mostly all of them vibrant in color and sharp-edged. In the 1990's Insect became known for his witty stencil and spray painted works, before transitioning to the gallery scene with color-drenched canvases. His works in this exhibition "project a world in which people want more, thrive to be the best and pretend to be who are not". Insect associates his work to the digital age in which people hide more than ever behind masks that enables them to project what they would like to be and think they need to be. His use of vibrant colors, shapes and modernism makes the viewer immerse in his works. Insect's work demonstrates the power of art to capture and to question social and cultural evolutions in the information era.

    Infectious Agents, 2014
     Paul Insect
     Infectious Agents, 2014

    Allouche Gallery
    115 Spring Street, New York

    Source: allouchegallery.com

  • An RxArt Holiday: The gifts that give back

    The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. All of this change may feel harsh, but it means that a very important time is drawing near: Holiday Season.

    This winter when you can’t feel your toes and you are stressing about what to buy or all the holiday accessories you will need, think of RxArt.

    The products can be purchased in the RxArt store (the photos are links) and all of the proceeds help support RxArt’s mission and will touch the lives of many children who will be stuck in hospitals this season. These are the gifts that give back and can make a difference in the lives of many:

    RxArt, in collaboration with artist Andrew Kuo and Nordstrom, has produced awesome holiday shirts.The image of a grumpy cat that dreamt of candy canes but ended up with a lump of coal will put anyone in the holiday spirit.


    RxArt, in collaboration with artist Nate Lowman and Nordstrom, has produced ornaments from the artist’s iconic work. 


    Artist Will Cotton has designed Insatiable, 2013 wrapping paper exclusively for RxArt. Cotton's sheet wrapping paper measures 24" x 36". Packaging includes 2 sheets. Perfect for the holiday season, Will Cotton's paintings and his wrapping paper explore the themes of temptation, gluttony and, indulgence. 


    Artist Ann Craven has designed Bird on a Branch for RxArt, 2013 wrapping paper. Craven's sheet wrapping paper measures 24" x 36". Packaging includes 2 sheets. Sarina Basta describes Ann's work as, "Having the richness of an opera populated with animals." 

    Special thanks to Olivia Kim, Jen Brill, Nordstrom, Andrew Kuo, Nate Lowman, Will Cotton and Ann Craven.

    All photos by Catherine Kim

  • It's finally here!! We are gearing up for our 14th anniversary fundraiser only a few hours away. Get your tickets before 4pm at:http://www.eventbrite.com/e/rxart-14th-anniversary-party-tickets-1302705326, for tonight's RxArt Party. 

    Check out the artwork in the silent and live auction on Paddle8 at: http://paddle8.com/auctions/rxart. 

    We will see you tonight!

    The Altman Building 
    135 W 18th St New YorkNY 10011

    Monday, November 17, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EST)