• An RxArt Holiday: The gifts that give back

    The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. All of this change may feel harsh, but it means that a very important time is drawing near: Holiday Season.

    This winter when you can’t feel your toes and you are stressing about what to buy or all the holiday accessories you will need, think of RxArt.

    The products can be purchased in the RxArt store (the photos are links) and all of the proceeds help support RxArt’s mission and will touch the lives of many children who will be stuck in hospitals this season. These are the gifts that give back and can make a difference in the lives of many:

    RxArt, in collaboration with artist Andrew Kuo and Nordstrom, has produced awesome holiday shirts.The image of a grumpy cat that dreamt of candy canes but ended up with a lump of coal will put anyone in the holiday spirit.


    RxArt, in collaboration with artist Nate Lowman and Nordstrom, has produced ornaments from the artist’s iconic work. 


    Artist Will Cotton has designed Insatiable, 2013 wrapping paper exclusively for RxArt. Cotton's sheet wrapping paper measures 24" x 36". Packaging includes 2 sheets. Perfect for the holiday season, Will Cotton's paintings and his wrapping paper explore the themes of temptation, gluttony and, indulgence. 


    Artist Ann Craven has designed Bird on a Branch for RxArt, 2013 wrapping paper. Craven's sheet wrapping paper measures 24" x 36". Packaging includes 2 sheets. Sarina Basta describes Ann's work as, "Having the richness of an opera populated with animals." 

    Special thanks to Olivia Kim, Jen Brill, Nordstrom, Andrew Kuo, Nate Lowman, Will Cotton and Ann Craven.

    All photos by Catherine Kim

  • It's finally here!! We are gearing up for our 14th anniversary fundraiser only a few hours away. Get your tickets before 4pm at:http://www.eventbrite.com/e/rxart-14th-anniversary-party-tickets-1302705326, for tonight's RxArt Party. 

    Check out the artwork in the silent and live auction on Paddle8 at: http://paddle8.com/auctions/rxart. 

    We will see you tonight!

    The Altman Building 
    135 W 18th St New YorkNY 10011

    Monday, November 17, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EST)

  • RxArt Auction: LIVE on Paddle8


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  • Sam Falls Exclusive RxArt Print

     Sam Falls for RxArt

    Untitled (Fern Print)

    17 x 13 inches

    ink on paper


    Edition of 50

    The image of the limited edition Sam Falls print just arrived! The 17x13 ink on paper print, entitled Untitled (Fern Print), is the artist's foray into printmaking. 

    The print is on black paper and is created by undergoing a two-print-process. The first print is in blue ink of a negative image of the fern, and then it is de-bossed with a clear ink of the positive image of the fern. Each print is unique and full of emotion. Falls continues to experiment with his process, creating art that is personable and beautiful.

    The exclusive print is an edition of 50 and available with a VIP ticket purchase to RxArt’s annual PARTY on November 17th at The Altman Building. There are a limited amount of prints and they will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The VIP ticket also includes 6pm-9pm reception, hors d'oeuvres and cocktails, as well as an invitation to RxArt's post-auction dinner at The Altman Building.

    Purchase your VIP ticket here: RXART PARTY TICKETS and receive a Sam Falls print before they are all gone!

  • A Good Friend to RxArt: Will Sharon

    Will Sharon, a successful real estate broker working with TOWN Residential has pledged to contribute 5% of his 2014 sale's commission to support RxArt. Today we received the second donation and we are incredibly grateful!

    Will's donation could not have come at a better time as we gear up for our 14th annual RxArt PARTY on November 17th.  Tickets available here

    An accomplished industry veteran who combines years of corporate experience with a commitment to exceptional customer service, Will Sharon is uniquely equipped to guide clients through New York’s residential real estate market. After ten years handling commercial real estate as the COO of JP Morgan's Corporate Real Estate Group, Will has come to the residential side of the business, bringing with him a wealth of accumulated experience and a love for Manhattan buildings, particularly on the Upper West Side.

    Will understands the art of the deal, but is also aware that choosing a home is as much an emotional decision as a financial one. He prides himself on effectively guiding his clients through that process, taking the time to listen closely to their needs from step one, then offering them the utmost in preparation, perseverance, and well-honed negotiation skills. “My job is helping someone discover what they really want rather than what they think they should need,” Will says. “People tend to trust me, and I give them no reason not to.”

    Will hails from Westport, Connecticut and now calls West Harlem home. He obtained a B.A. in English from Colgate University and a postgrad Licensed Master Social Worker designation from the Hunter School of Social Work. He has served on the board of directors of The Door, a full-service adolescent agency where he helped build a high school for at-risk students. 

    If you or anyone you know wants to sell or invest in New York City real estate, working with Will Sharon not only means you are in excellent hands, but it also means you are doing good by helping to support RxArt. Will's pledge helps RxArt to further our mission of increasing awareness and appreciation of contemporary art while promoting healing and inspiring hope in patients, families and hospital staff. 

    Photo Courtesy of Will Sharon

     Thank you for your support.

  • Free Arts Day at The Brant Foundation with Dan Colen

    Free Arts and The Brant Foundation Art Study Center combined forces on Saturday, September 20th to create an amazing afternoon at the foundation with Dan Colen. Peter Brant explained that many of these kids had never so much as been outside of Manhattan…we can only imagine what it must have been like for them to arrive at Brand Foundation in Greenwich Connecticut in a sea of green surrounded by beautiful sculptures and buildings.

    The artist took 100 children from the Department of Homeless Services around his exhibition, “Help!”, showing them that anything can be art. After the tour they were off to make their very own art projects, inspired by Colen’s body of work, on the nearly endless lawn.

    It seemed like the most popular project was creating flower paintings. The kids were sprawled across the lawn stomping on flowers and enthusiastically hammering the petals into the canvas, transforming the white surfaces into vibrant, unique works of art. The aftermath…flower petals and stems EVERYWHERE, and kids smiling ear to ear!

    The overjoyed kids nicknamed Colen, “Dan the man.” I couldn’t imagine a better artist to lead a workshop of 100 children who have been stripped of many opportunities. He inspired them to express themselves and use their creativity without the fear of making mistakes. This was a truly remarkable day at the Brant Foundation, a day I’m sure the kids will not forget.

  • David Benjamin Sherry

    Climate Vortex Sutra presents color-manipulated film negatives of landscapes in order to discuss the humans’ distortive impact on geography and our changing physical world.  On the images, most of the sci-fi, futuristic tones are achieved by using analogue techniques in the darkroom.  The photographs are meant to raise the critical concern of our relationship with the rate of the climate change.  Along with landscapes, Sherry also photographs the personal territories of the human body.  He uses this as a representation of a reverse landscape as a documentation of our adapting skins to the impact of the changing surroundings.  The prints are large in scale and mesmerizing.


    David Benjamin Sherry’s “Climate Vortex Sutra”is on view at Salon 94 Bowery through October 25th.

  • 2014 RxArt Party Tickets

    Please join us at RxArt's 14th Anniversary PARTY honoring artist KAWS on November 17th! 

    Tickets are now available here: Eventbrite

    We hope that you will join us to pay tribute to the generous artists and donors who have made projects in over 20 hospitals nationwide possible. 


    The RxArt Party will also include a Live and Silent Auction with artwork by revered artists such as, Kaws, Rob Pruitt, Walead Beshty, Matthew Brandt, Mike Bouchet, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Mark Hagen, Klara Kristalova, Erik Parker, Jose Parla, Ry Rocklen, Hugh Scott-Douglas, Tony Tasset, Lawrence Weiner, and many more.

    All proceeds support RxArt's mission to transform pediatric hospital facilities into comforting and engaging spaces through site-specific installations by contemporary artists.


    We look forward to seeing you at what will be a wonderful night!

  • Welcome to RxArt

    My name is Gabi Pérez. I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am the current film/video intern for RxArt. Being born and raised on an island has given me the opportunity to experience a life that most people dream of. The whole "I live where you vacation" was a very true statement for my first 18 years, but ever since moving away from home, I have realized that there is so much that I still have left to learn about the world. In the past four years, I have crossed paths with situations that have expanded my curiosity about life. I believe that is where my interest in art truly stems from; being able to communicate through visuals is the universal language. 

    I recently graduated with a BFA in Art Photography from the college of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. I am currently amongst the many who make up the city of New York and have decided to take a plunge into the art world here. I am positive that joining RxArt will give me the opportunity to exercise my photography skills and in turn promote this fantastic organization. I strongly believe that art helps to heal, is essential for a child's growth, and I am very happy to be a part of this organization.

  • Rob Pruitt's Dry Erase Wall is Finally Up at St. Mary's Hospital for Children

    Last Thursday morning RxArt successfully installed the much anticipated Rob Pruitt dry erase wall at St. Mary's Hospital for Children...and we couldn't be more excited!

     (Jan Mittan, Senior VP of Development and External Relations at St Mary's, gave Jeffrey, an enthusiastic patient at St. Mary's, a hand to help him color the wall)

    The children were elated to see the wall go up and couldn't wait to get coloring. It was so moving to see their faces turn to smiles. Although most of them were challenged by a broad spectrum of conditions, as soon as they got hold of that crayon their faces lit up and they became proud of their colorful drawings and names written in the white zebra stripes on the wall.

      (Diane Brown, President and Founder of RxArt, and Andrew Craven, advisory board member, colored with patients at St. Mary's to test out the newly installed Pruitt)

    We hope this wall will give countless children struck with illness and their families moments of joy and of relief from the incredible struggles they face.

    Below, you can watch the installation process of Rob Pruitt's dry erase wall!


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