• Gouverneur Hospital

    RxArt is proud to share with you our first foray into public hospitals with our most recent installation at Gouverneur Hospital in Manhattan’s Lower East Side!

    The diverse array of works installed in both the OB/GYN and Pediatric Units reflect the array of languages and cultures in the surrounding community, and what were once empty corridors now bear the inspiring work of Jason Middlebrook, Mark Dion, Garrett Phelan, Lane Twitchell and Yvonne Jacquette.

    For a closer look at the entire project, check out our website updates here.

  • 10 years Old

    Happy birthday to us- we’re 10 years old today! A massive thank you to our incredible network of supporters for believing in the power of visual art—we owe our years of growth and success to you!

    To take a look into a decade’s worth of art installations that changed the landscapes of hospitals throughout the east coast, visit rxart.net.

    image via youaremyfave

  • RxArt SoulCycle Charity Ride

    Get those endorphins pumpin’ and sweat it out for a great cause! Join hosts Cynthia Rowley and Bill Powers at the RxArt SoulCycle Charity Ride on Wednesday, May 26th in Tribeca.

    Tickets are on sale now- click the image above to reserve your spot at what’s sure to be spring’s hottest philanthropic, calorie-burning event!

  • Myoung Ho Lee’s Tree #14

    RxArt is pleased to announce our most recent acquisition—Myoung Ho Lee’s Tree #14—to be placed in a patient room at Rockefeller University Hospital. Thanks to the generosity of the Eliza Moore Fund and Yossi Milo Gallery, we were able to purchase this spectacular print that we’ve had our eyes on for months. Needless to say, the hospital staff is beyond excited and we think the patients are going to be just as thrilled!image

    via yossi milo

  • The Broadcast Presents: A Concert for RxArt

    Last night’s concert for RxArt was a huge success to say the least! The Bitter End was teeming with fans, the high energy was contagious, and we were floored by the outpouring of buzz and support for the musicians and RxArt. A massive thanks to Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast for your endless amounts of creativity and incredible generosity.

    Q: What does 10 bucks get you in New York City?

    A: A venti Starbucks caramel macchiato… OR a ticket to an unforgettable evening of funk, soul and rock with five bands, raffle drawings and a donation to RxArt!

    Tonight at 8pm at The Bitter End > The Broadcast Presents: A Concert for RxArt

    Click here for more details- hope to see you there!

  • LA Times Magazine

    If you happen to live on the left coast, you may have noticed some RxArt love in this weekend’s LA Times Magazine. And if you happen to not live in Cali, we’ve saved you some time and energy by posting it above.

    via latimesmag and rxart

  • Flickr Group

    Calling all budding artists and Crayola savants: RxArt now has a Flickr group where you can submit your colored pages from our Between the Lines coloring books! Sharing art with others makes us happy, so won’t you do the same?

    via flickr/groups/rxart

  • Jealous Curator

    The Jealous Curator blog recently praised both Mary Temple and RxArt:

    The top three images are from a project called Extended Afternoon, Aldrich Museum, and the fourth piece is actually how I found her. It’s her contribution to an amazing non-profit organization called RxArt based in New York.

    via The Jealous Curator

  • RxArt in Kempt

    UrbanDaddy’s blog, Kempt, not only gave RxArt a coloring book shout out, but they gave us a brilliant idea to boot! We’re honored, humbled and inspired:

    All that’s missing is a place to see the works after they’ve gotten a little crayon on them, but it’s nothing a tumblr couldn’t solve.

    via urbandaddy

  • Splice Mail Art

    Splice Mail Art is yet another example of how art can be a much-needed diversion from trying times. Your good deed for the day: review the submission guidelines on this blog and take ten minutes to fabricate an original masterpiece to send to Ruben. Amelie would be proud!

    Ruben Cooke began cancer treatment for relapsed Hodgkins Lymphoma at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford in the month of January, 2010. This project has been designed to provide some distraction from the reality of his situation. We plan to exhibit some or all of the work received, upon completion of Ruben’s treatment. Simply by visiting the blog, you are cordially invited to participate in any way you are able and to bring your ingenuity with you.

    via museumnerd and splicemailart


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