• Studio Visit with Dustin Yellin

    RxArt and Half Gallery took a trip to Red Hook to visit artist Dustin Yellin at his studio in Brooklyn. Yellin is a both drawer and sculptor: using ink, acrylic, and collage, he renders images on multiple sheets of resin or glass and then layers them on top of one another. Like an insect caught in amber, Yellin's drawings are encapsulated worlds suspended in time.

    In addition to his studio, we also got a peek into his 24,000-square-foot industrial warehouse, which he is converting into an artist workspace and gallery. See the photos below!

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  • SNAPS: Glenn Ligon & Malcolm Morley installation at Metropolitan Hospital

    Who: Prints by Glenn Ligon and Malcolm Morley, and RxArt founder Diane Brown
    What: Installing prints!
    When: January 13, 2012
    Where: Metropolitan Hospital

    Installation made possible through the generosity of Agnes Gund.

  • A tribute to a friend

    RxArt mourns the loss of bookseller John McWhinnie, who died tragically in a water accident while on vacation in the British Virgin Islands last Friday. A friend and key supporter of RxArt, John served on the benefit committee for multiple galas and generously donated artwork to the auctions throughout the years. His kaleidoscopic knowledge of books and art was unparalleled, and his kindness and loyalty will never be forgotten.


  • Rotary Connection at Casey Kaplan

    In the first group show of the year, Casey Kaplan brought together 13 artists for the group exhibition Rotary Connection, organized by gallery director Loring Randolph. Artists include RxArt friend Andrew Kuo, Julia Dault, Benoit Maîre, Marlo Pascual, and Isabelle Cornaro. The result is a fun multidisciplinary show exhibiting the diversity of the New York contemporary art scene. 

    Golden Girl, Julia Dault

    Self-Portrait, Andrew Kuo

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  • Bringing Art To Emory


    The numbers are in: the results were more than we could have hoped for! RxArt thanks all of our supporters all over the country for your tremendous support. Thanks to your generosity, we exceeded our goal by far. Fourteen beautiful James Welling prints will be installed in Emory University's Nuclear Imaging Department, transforming the space and giving hope to Atlanta's patients when they need it the most. 

    See below for a few of the prints to be installed!





  • Yayoi Kusama: The Obliteration Room

    What do you get when you combine thousands of colorful polka-dot stickers, kids, and psychedelic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama? The Obliteration Room, an interactive installation which is part of the exhibition "Look Now See Forever" at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Kusama brought her characteristic polka-dot aesthetic to a monochromatic, fully furnished white room, which served as a blank canvas. Over the course of two weeks, thousands of visitors were invited to collaborate in the transformation of the space, covering the room in a cacophony of color. Check the end results below!

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  • RxArt Visits CT Scanner in Oak Lawn, IL

    I spent the holiday weekend in Chicago visiting family and while I was there I decided to take a side trip to see the Jeff Koons installation at Advocate Hope Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. I have seen many pictures of the installation but nothing could prepare me for seeing it in person--the colors are even more vibrant than they appear in photographs and the actual size of the CT scanner and the decals is much larger than I anticipated. 

    I could spot the room with the installation even from a distance, and as a nurse led me down the hall and to the room, I could see the colors spilling out into the hallway. I was completely taken aback when I entered the room and proceeded to spend quite a bit of time just taking everything in.  As someone who experiences anxiety when visiting the doctor or the hospital, I can only wish that every room could be like this one--I would feel a lot more positive about visiting the doctor or getting tests done if it could take place in such a colorful and cheerful setting!

  • Happy 2012!

    Happy (almost) 2012!  With many exciting installations forthcoming, RxArt is eagerly awaiting the new year. Fourteen James Welling photographs will be installed in Emory University Hospital's Department of Nuclear Medicine (thanks to all the generous RxArt supporters this past month!).  A fantastic site-specific Trenton Doyle Hancock mural will be installed at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.  Mid-January, we will be installing prints in New York City's Metropolitan Hospital thanks to the generosity of Agnes Gund.

    RxArt is also excited about a project in the pipeline with the Manhattan VA Hospital.  A series of Malcolm Morley prints are slated to be installed in a waiting room for PTSD patients.  Additionally, a series of large-scale photographs from David Levinthal's Baseball series will be installed in three adjacent hospital waiting areas.

  • SNAPS: Evan Gruzis

    SNAPS is a series of Mobile Uploads of RxArt's friends.

    WHO: Evan Gruzis
    WHERE: His studio in Red Hook!
    WHEN: Yesterday

  • Little Collector Pop-Up Shop Tomorrow!

    Looking for a unique gift for your favorite baby or little artist? Head on over to Little Collector's pop-up holiday shop Saturday, December 10th from 2-5 pm at 195 Chrystie Street, 7th floor for holiday treats, gift wrapping, and discounts on framed prints. All art prints are affordably priced and framed, so they're ready to hang immediately. We have our eye on prints by RxArt artists and coloring book collaborators Shepard Fairey, David Levinthal, Jason Middlebrook, Cynthia Rowley, and Trey Speegle. In addition, a portion of all proceeds are donated to RxArt. What a great message to give to kids this holiday season: that the cool art hanging on their wall helps to bring installations to hospitals in New York and around the country!


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