Limited edition 200-piece puzzle created out of Dan Colen's 2007 image “ROCK! PAPER! SCISSORS! SH...”, “NO! NO! NO!, SCISSORS! ROCK! PAPER! SHOOT!” (2007)

ONLY 3 Signed Dan Colen Puzzles left, each signed with a unique holiday message.  $500 each

Available Holiday Messages:

"Give this puzzle to someone who needs it more than's the holidays!!! xoxo, Daniel Colen"

"Yeah right! Happy Holidays, xoxo (scribble) oops! Daniel Colen"

"Hoping you've done something good for somebody else this holiday season. xoxo, Daniel Colen"

100% of sales proceeds benefit RxArt 

Choose an Option

  • "Yeah Right! Happy Holidays, xoxo Daniel Colen"
  • "Give this puzzle to someone who needs it more than you, its the holidays! xoxo Daniel Colen""
  • "It's for kids you wouldn't get it. xoxo, Daniel Colen"


  • I would like to order Gift Wrapping for an additional $10.00!

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