• “‎KEITH HARING: "There's a lot about art that has to do with healing that hasn't been scientifically explored, but it's definitely helpful for children to be around art, especially when in a hospital situation. They feel more comfortable about being there. Also just thinking positively about everything, which is a part of healing and feeling better.”

    Keith Haring
  • “When my father founded St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, he envisioned a place of pioneering research, unparalleled medical care, comfort and hope. RxArt’s contribution of original art works by Rob Pruitt and Will Cotton expand this spirit of community at St. Jude by creating a unique environment of joy and creativity for the children and their families. In this way, RxArt plays an important role in fulfilling St. Jude’s commitment to a culture of excellence and innovation, not only in our research and medical care, but in the quality of the lives of our children.”

    Marlo Thomas American actress, producer, social activist and National Outreach Director for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • “Thank you so much for all your efforts in the installation of the new art in Psychiatric Emergency Services. Patients, as well as staff, will benefit for decades. Jason Middlebrook’s transcendental pieces are perfect for PES.”

    Eric Woodard, M.D. Medical Director, Psychiatric Emergency Services, UCSF San Francisco General Hospital
  • “We so appreciate your work. It truly made a difference this last week in the hospital to have the art to ease my pain and help me focus outside of myself at such a scary time. [My husband] Chris also found that it eased the stress he went through as he supported me. It helped us to connect and brought normality, which was needed to balance all of the changes we were both experiencing. ”

    Marguerite Moreau Patient
  • “Whenever I walk through our waiting room, I make a point of smiling to our patients. Now, with the beautiful photographs from James Welling adorning our walls, it is that much easier to smile. We have received many positive comments from patients and staff as to the healing power of the art. Thank you RxArt!”

    David M. Schuster, M.D., Director, Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Emory University Hospital
  • “We were delighted to partner with RxArt on our project at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. We selected a Texas artist, Trenton Doyle Hancock, whose work has provided great joy for our pediatric patients and families. There are many families who come to our hospital for lengthy exams and tests. Trenton's mural provides hours of distraction and occupies their minds with wonder and warm feelings that make them forget about even being in the hospital.”

    Jody Graham, Chief of Ambulatory Services Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital - Texas Medical Center
  • “We are delighted with the beautiful artwork that you have installed in our waiting areas. These colorful prints welcome our patients and staff and surround them with joy every day. We are extremely grateful to RxArt and Agnes Gund for your generosity.”

    Meryl Weinberg Executive Director, Metropolitan Hospital Center
  • “It’s a real thing, when a child’s mind gets off their pain and their sickness, it makes them heal, it makes them relax and it helps them recover and get better quicker.”

    Sara Burnett Bonheur Children’s Hospital
  • “My name is Ruth Hutson and I have been a patient at Metropolitan Virology Clinic for 23 years. I must say that today was the first day I enjoyed the atmosphere because a beautiful picture by Jason Middlebrook entitled "Travelling Seeds" inspired me. Metropolitan Virology waiting area is mute and grey, however, Middlebrook's painting brought life, color, and inspiration to an otherwise dark and depressed area. Thank God for art!”

    Ruth Hutson Patient, Metropolitan Hospital Center
  • Our CT suite at Advocate Children's Hospital, designed by Jeff Koons & brought to us by Rx Art, is without question one of the most effective ways we have found to reduce the stress & anxiety around medical imaging. It has been a blessing for our patients & families. We are deeply grateful to Diane Brown from Rx Art, Kiehl's Since 1851 & Jeff Koons for making our dream a reality.

    Richard E. Heller Chief of Pediatric Radiology, Advocate Children's Hospital
  • “Art plays a vital role in the healing process here at St. Mary’s. Medically complex children who are exposed to the arts are able to free their imaginations from the constraints imposed by physical limitations. Our new installation by renowned artist Rob Pruitt will provide inspiration and cheer to our patients, their families and the entire staff at St. Mary’s. ”

    Edwin Simpser, MD, FAAP President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children
  • All of the services absolutely love the coloring books! You should sleep well knowing that you have made 1000 patients living in San Francisco much, much happier (and their doctors and nurses happier, too).

    Christina Mangurian, M.D.  — 

  • Joel Meyerowitz's work was the first thing I noticed on the first day of my stay (at Rockefeller University Hospital). For me his work was a sign of transformation, a walk into light, hope, healing, relief, and a wonderful sense of calm.

    Patient  — 

  • I can look at Mel Bochner's If the Color Changes and never get tired of looking at it.

    Patient  — 

  • Matthew Ritchie's Sea State One reminds me of the film A Beautiful Mind. I like anything that makes me think a lot.

    Patient  — 

  • Art adds warmth and humanity to any environment. It has the power to transform its surroundings. It is very astute of Rockefeller University Hospital to recognize the value of art in fostering a serene and healing environment.

    Patient  — 

  • The artwork has made the hospital attractive and made the patients feel respected, healthier, and better about themselves.

    Nurse  — 

  • The site where John Monti's piece is installed was previously a drab, forgotten corner. I'm happy to say that it is now a beacon of brightness that welcomes visitors to our ambulatory buildings. At the top of the stairs just off our Main Lobby, it was an important and very visible corner to upgrade. The Blood Donor Center is also at this intersection and was looking for ways to highlight their location. John Monti's piece does this beautifully.

    Jessica Finch  — 

  • Hartwig House, Truro was very soothing to look at while they drew blood from me. My veins are tricky to get at and anything that engages my mind is a blessing!

    Patient  — 

  • I've heard only positive feedback about the piece. It turned an ugly corner into a bright spot. When you come up the stairs and you see that, it feels welcoming. The kids especially love to touch it. Senior management also saw it as a big improvement.

    Carol Stearns  — 

  • These wonderful artists have helped create a warmer, more welcoming and inspiring environment for children and their families at the NYU Child Study Center. RxArt has fostered a creative, playful and fun atmosphere for our patients and clinicians.

    Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D.  — 

  • RxArt, Thank you so much for the cool artwork! It really gave everyone who walked in something to talk about! Wishing you success and strength to continue in your wonderful work!

    Cheryl Moskowitz  — 

  • It has brightened the whole area. That corner used to just blend in but now people notice it. The little kids especially.

    Nanette Dominguez  — 

  • I love the work that you do. As a healthcare administrator in CO and a lover of contemporary art, the healing and joy brought from combining the two is unique.

    Leslie Horna  —